Sayuri Designs is an ever evolving line of handmade jewelry and accessories designed and created by Tiana Sayuri Saul. Inspired by eras gone by, Sayuri Designs evokes classic glamour with a modern twist. Utilizing vintage and reclaimed materials as much as possible, each piece is handmade and one of a kind. 


Every piece tells a story; the tarnished metal, a missing rhinestone, or a corner chip are all part of it's unique history. By incorporating them into new work, we give them new life; extending their histories by including them in our own. 

I am predominantly an assemblage artist, incorporating an array of vintage and antique materials in my work – specifically Victorian era buttons. I choose to maintain the integrity of the vintage materials by wire wrapping and chain connections. I use only nickel-free brass and copper components, as well as sterling silver and 14k GF as much as possible. I use a combination of precious and semi precious stone, focusing on a unique but natural aesthetic.


All pieces are designed and constructed by myself, Tiana Sayuri Saul. A spirits distiller by trade, jewelry has been my creative outlet since childhood. While my aesthetics may vary and change over the years, my love of creating has never waned.  A California transplant, I currently work out of my home studio in Chattanooga, TN. I take pride in creating pieces that recall the past without imitating it and that speak to individuals, reminding them of something about themselves or someone they love.