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Jewelry Shrug FAQ

Where do I wear my new Jewelry Shrug?

Anywhere and everywhere. While they may seem fancy and can make a beautiful addition to an evening out or wedding day, they can also be the perfect daily wear accessory. Wear it to your favorite festival, out to happy hour, or to the grocery store. You do you.

What do I wear with my new Jewelry Shrug?

Anything or nothing at all? I have made custom jewelry shrugs for proms, weddings, dancers, and performers. They can be worn over backless gowns or with jeans and a tshirt. They are quite versatile.

How do I measure what size Jewelry Shrug will be best for me? 

Since jewelry shrugs have fluid sizing, measurements just help determine how each piece will fit your body. The first measurement relates the distance between your sternum and shoulder blade. This will determine where the main decorative elements will lay on your chest and back .You can easily get this length by holding a piece of string or measuring tape at the center of your clavicle with one hand, and with your other hand, drape it over your shoulder and find where it hits your shoulder blade. 

To take the second measurement, wrap the measuring tape around your body - just under the bust line - and divide that number by half. This measurement will give insight into how the wrap around chains will drape along your body. As mentioned before, almost all pieces can be modified if the current sizing does not sound appropriate. Please contact me directly before purchasing.

How do I put on my new Jewelry Shrug?

Exactly like a jacket – wrap it around your body, then “shrug” it over your shoulders.

How do I store my new Jewelry Shrug?

They can be stored in the box they came in, just use the foam pillow to separate the front from the back to keep the chains from tangling. They can also be hung.

They look so delicate, won’t I break it?

They may be look dainty, but they are strong. Each element is connected by wrapped wire rather than jump rings (which can open) making it much harder to break. You should be careful not to catch it on anything, but you don’t need to modify your actions to keep it safe. Please be aware, however, that the components are metal, so they can get warm if worn in the direct sun for extended periods of time. Similarly, while all my components are brass or copper based, certain skin products and a person’s individual skin pH can sometimes react with metals to cause a green discoloration. It is completely harmless – just annoying – and can be mostly avoided by wiping the jewelry down and keeping it away from moisture and perspiration.

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